4 Day 3 Night, Trekking, Cycling and Kayaking Adventure

Enjoy a mix of kayaking, cycling and trekking through the jungle on this once in a lifetime adventure.

4 Day 3 Night, Trekking, Cycling and Kayaking Adventure

Day 1: 08:00 - Day 4: 15:30


4 Day 3 Night Trekking Adventure – Chiang Dao

Take this trip to experience a once in a lifetime trekking adventure by exploring Chiang Dao. Meet Lahu Hill Tribe Villagers and spend the night there. You’ll enjoy trekking, biking and kayaking on this extended 4 day 3 night journey through the rarely visited Jungles, valleys and rivers of Chiang Dao. Visit and swim in the cool clear water of a secluded mountain waterfall. Spend the night above the treetops overlooking a Shan Hill Tribe Village, and visit the school there in the morning to meet the children and then ride a bicycle through small villages and rice paddies. Paddle a Kayak on a lake to your floating houseboat set on a lake in Sri Lanna National Park where you’ll spend another memorable evening and night.

This trek starts when your English speaking and TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) trained and certified trekking guide picks you up at your hotel or guesthouse. Because this trek is only offered as a private guided trek for individuals, families, friends and colleagues, we will arrange a pick up date that suits your travel schedule.

Having been picked up, you will then travel for an hour or so before starting your 4 day adventure through the jungle. On route you will visit a Thai Market where your guide will buy local supplies for the trip, selecting from the fresh produce on sale that is brought in direct by local farmers. No pre pack super market food here, only the very best and freshest produce. Here you’ll have time to stretch your legs and explore the exotic sights, sounds, and scents only Thai markets have to offer.


Day one starts with a trek of about 4 hours to an isolated Lahu Village, were you’ll experience the Lahu Hill Tribe Village way of life. Don’t be surprised if you see domestic hogs, chickens and goats patrolling the streets fulfilling their rolls in society as public hygiene officials as well as, in another way, being responsible for food supply. Villagers can often be seen working in the terraced rice and vegetable produce fields on the steep mountain sides surrounding the village.  As you immerse yourself in the village atmosphere you are free to roam and explore the village, gaining first-hand experience of how the Lahu have lived for years and still live today. The evening meal will be prepared by your guide in real Thai style, after which you can relax and chat with locals. You may notice how they use a cast iron cauldron on open fires to cook. The aroma of the wood burning and the food cooking will linger long into the night as you fall asleep listening the local night life outside.

Day two starts with breakfast in the village before the start of a full days trekking through the jungle mostly following paths which are well worn by the Lahu people and other ethnic groups such as the Shan Hill Tribe people whose village is our destination for this day of trekking. The route followed is rarely travelled by trekkers and are simply narrow trails snaking through thick bamboo and rain forest jungle.  Along the way we’ll stop for Lunch and take a break at a secluded local water fall where you can have a swim in the tantalizingly cool mountain water if you choose. After refreshing, we’ll continue on to the night’s rest point at Mae Mae Shan Hill Tribe Village were a night in “The Tree House” made from timber and bamboo awaits you.  Nestled in the mountain side amongst and above the tree tops, the tree house will allow you to enjoy a traditional meal cooked for you by Shan villagers as you look out over the valley and truly breathe taking views. This is a remarkable place to spend the night.


Day 3 begins with breakfast in the tree tops. Once you’ve had breakfast and fueled up for the morning we’ll visit the local school and meet some of the children.  Many of these children live so far away in the surrounding mountains that they board at the school rather than make the long the trip to school each day.  After visiting the school you will be driven to the starting point for a morning of cycling. Riding over mostly flat terrain both paved and unpaved this is a fairly relaxing ride. You will pass rice paddy fields that are being farmed today in much the same way they were 50 years ago. You’ll be likely to see men and women in straw hats knee deep in mud and water following in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Around lunch time we’ll reach Sri Lanna national park and stop for lunch before continuing on in Kayaks to our final destination for the day, which is a house boat floating on the surface of Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Reservoir. We will be paddling for about 1.5 hours until we get there, which means that there will be plenty of time in the afternoon to swim and relax after a day full of memorable sights and moments. Travelling by kayak is an enchanting way to explore the lake or just dip your feet in the cool fresh water as you wait for dinner to be served in the boat house. While you rest overnight in the boat house, you will have time to reflect on the last three days of exhilarating and enchanting experiences so far, with still more to come.


Day 4 is usually taken at a leisurely pace, with breakfast at the boat house and the rest of the morning given up to catching your breath while taking in the fragrance  and views of the lake and the tropical waters where the jungle bends down into the water at the lakes edge for a light refreshment. Later in the morning we slip back into the kayaks and head back to the national park office and lunch time venue.  After lunch it’s almost time to head home back to your hotel, but not before taking in the peace and beauty of the Ban Den Temple, One of the biggest temples in the Chiang Mai region. You’ll be able to walk around its grounds and see the incredible Lanna style architecture and craftsmanship of the vihans or shrines with their three tiered roofs, hand carved teak wood structures and mythical serpents guarding the entrances, these are a real delight to see. You might even meet some of the monks living and studying here. On the trip home from here many people like to reflect on the adventures, experiences and the friends they have met over previous 4 days of this incredible adventure. This trek is said by many to have been a life changing experience.



What to take with you, clothing t-shirts and shorts for the hot day time traveling, but these leave your legs and arms exposed to the sun and mosquitos . So also pack, long trousers or tracksuit bottoms that can be worn at night and on days when it’s not so hot. As you are going to be going into rain forest, plan for rain. In the Mountains the evening can get cold so make sure you have a jumper or light coat for the evenings. Hiking or Trekking boots are ideal or good rubber soled fully enclosed runners will usually do. Sandals and flip flops are not recommended for day time tracking, but are good for the evening when you want to rest your feet.

During the 4 days you will be provided with 10 meals and we can cater for vegetarians but need to be informed before hand



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  • Hotel Pickup and Drop Off
  • Accomodation
  • All meals
  • English speaking Guide
  • Insurance


  • A small ruck sack
  • A change of cloths
  • A rain coat
  • A jumper or pull over
  • A swim suit
  • A small towel
  • Insect repellent
  • Toilet paper
  • Personal toiletries
  • One bottle of water
  • Sun glasses
  • Some money ( for drinks and souvenirs)
  • A large plastic bag to keep your cloths in.

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