Mae Rim Trail Bikes

Enjoy the thrills of riding a trail bike in Mae Rim. Training available for beginners and trips for all levels.

Mae Rim Trail Bikes

08:30 - 12:30
13:00 - 17:00


Go trail bike riding and see the foothills and mountains in a way that is both enjoyable and challenging. Riding one of our Kawasaki KLX 250s or KLX 150 cc trail bikes, (or other makes and models can be made available by prior arrangement), on a jungle trail tour designed to suit your preferences is a fantastic way to experience the magnificent bamboo jungles and rainforests around Chiang Mai, while stopping occasionally to take in the beautiful panoramic views of this enchanted corner of the golden triangle.

At the x-centre we provided guided tours by dirt bike into areas that are hard if not impossible to get to by any other means. Choose from a selection of motor cycles and a variety of different trails with obstacles and challenges that can be matched to suit you or your group’s desires and/or riding ability. Riders who are unsure of their ability can spend some time practicing on our Moto track in the training area and our guides are willing to help with tips and advice if you require them to. The normal time for a tour is an hour, but we are flexible, so for those wanting to see and do more, we can arrange for the tour to cover a two hour period. Some people prefer to spend the whole time using the advanced area of our 9 Acre Moto Park, to ride alone and hone their dirt bike handling skills, so this is yet another option we make available.

The mountain paths and trails can be quite tiring and does include a short section travelling along a sealed road. So for safety we provide helmets, boots, knee and elbow guards along with overalls for those who would like to keep their clothes reasonably clean. When we return from our mountain side adventure riders are able to take a rejuvenating warm shower to wash out the dust and grit. We also have available new underwear and socks for those who want them to change into.

Trail Bike ActivityPrice Per Person
Training and Track (1 hour)2,500 Baht
Trip - A (1 hour)2,500 Baht
Trip - B (2 hours)4,000 Baht






  • Protective Gear
  • Insurance
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Transportation

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