Off Road Buggies (UTVs)

Experience an adventure in the wild rain forests and bamboo jungles surrounding the Chiang Mai region.

Off Road Buggies (UTVs)

08:30 - 12:30
13:00 - 17:00


Experience an adventure in the wild rain forests and bamboo jungles surrounding the Chiang Mai region. A variety of off road buggy tours are offered to suit all ages and driver experience levels, even non drivers can enjoy these off-road adventures as a passenger.

Choose from our selection of trails starting from the one to one and a half hour trip, which is suitable for anyone who can drive a car, but does include some exiting driving challenges along the way. This trail explores the foothills and banana plantations of the surrounding country side and offers some beautiful views and amazing scenery. Then there’s the advanced trail which takes about two hours and goes higher into the mountains which are home to many hill tribes, and has a number of challenges that will test your off road driving skills. Some of these include water crossings, steep climbs and narrow trails on the mountain side. Customised routes to suit you or your group’s driving ability and preferences can be arranged if you like.

Whichever trail you choose or your driving ability, it’s sometimes comforting to know that our highly experienced tour guide drivers will always be there ready to jump in and lend assistance or guidance whenever a driver feels it is needed. In addition to exploring the jungle trails in group tours, we also offer the option to go it alone on our Moto track. Some people enjoy this as a way of challenging themselves and improving their off road driving skills.

We provide a few different types of off road buggies, most of them are new generation CFMoto Terracros, both 625 cc and 800 cc. They provide an ideal power to weight ratio, and have automatic transmission. This coupled with independent suspension, high ground clearance and a low centre of gravity, make them handle well and be easy to drive safely. For those who like or need a bit more power, we also have 1000 cc “Super Buggies” available. Each Buggy is equipped with racing seats, four point harnesses, and a complete roll cage. Drivers and passengers are also provided with jumpsuits and helmets for added safety protection.






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