Spend a Day in Chang Dao

Enjoy a day trekking an cycling in Chang Dao on this eco-tour.

Spend a Day in Chang Dao

08:00 - 17:30


Take a day trip into virtually untouched mountain jungle and bamboo forests. This trekking and bicycle riding tour is suitable for anyone with a reasonable state of health and a spirit for adventure. See the third highest mountain in Thailand known as Doi Chiang Dao – “Doi” Meaning Mountain and Chiang Dao means “City of Stars”. The first part of this adventure begins after we have picked you up from your hotel in the morning and we leave the traffic behind in Chiang Mai City. We begin travelling through some of the most scenic landscapes in Asia with panoramic views over both farmland and virgin wilderness. Then just before we turn off the highway heading into the foothills to begin our trek, you may well find yourself gazing upon Doi Chiang Dao, reaching up out of jungle rainforest and untouched wilderness with its craggy limestone peaks piercing the billowing clouds which surround it almost every day of the year.

The walking part of this adventure begins here as we trek through rainforests and Bamboo jungles which are not so frequently travelled. Participants will be travelling on foot and be “well off the beaten track” where you’ll be highly unlikely to see or meet other tour groups or tourists. Please note that we do have a responsible trekking policy and take certain steps to help maintain the wilderness and provide our tours in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

After about two and a half hours we come to a Shan Hill Tribe village, were you’ll be delighted by the warm and friendly atmosphere and stimulating aromas of traditional Hill Tribe cooking. In fact you’ll partake in a traditional meal prepared for you by the local villagers for your lunch. After lunch, if it is during a normal school term, you’ll be able to visit the local school and meet the students from a variety of different ethnic groups which reside throughout the surrounding hills and peaks.

The next part of our journey finds us taking a leisurely cycle ride after a short trip in a pickup to the cycling starting point. The cycling involves travelling along sealed and hardened dirt roads through various farming communities and villages set along the flood plains of the Ping River, which begins in the Chiang Dao Region and is one of two main tributaries of the Chao Phraya River, the main river in Chiang Mai. You’ll be riding through rice paddies and farmland which is producing a variety of crops including, rice, corn, sugar cane, and various fruit trees. Many of these are still being farmed in the traditional way using water Buffalo to pull the plough. You’ll most likely see farmers bending over planting or harvesting rice by hand wearing straw hats and standing barefoot knee deep in muddy water.

We draw to the end of our trek at one of the biggest Temples in the Chiang Mai area, Wat Ban Den, which is an active monastery with a Monks living quarters, a Drum Hall and several aesthetically pleasing Vihans or Shrines. One of the key features of this temple is the astounding architecture. Built in the traditional Lanna style these Teak Wood structures with tiered roofing and intricately carved golden eves and walls both inside and out, are a monument to Thai craftsmanship and creativity. Meet the real people and experience Thai culture in a way few people are ever able to do, on this one day adventure trek into the heart of northern Thailand.


What You Should Wear

  • You should wear comfortable light weight clothing such as a T-shirt and shorts, long pants are good for protecting your legs, but they should be light weight, jeans usually turn out to be too hot and heavy. A straw or light weight wide brimmed hat is highly advisable.
  • During April to October we strongly recommend bringing a raincoat or Poncho, but it is wise to bring one any time of the year, as it rains frequently in this area all year round. We also recommend bringing a dry change of clothes regardless of the time of year.
  • Although hiking boots aren't required we recommend them, or at least a strong pair of rubber soled shoes. You may want to bring a pair of light sandals or flip flops to put on at the end of the day.


Number of people123456
Cost per person7,3004,2503,3502,9002,6002,450






  • Round Trip Transport
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Lunch


  • A small rucksack or shoulder bag to carry anything you might need like mosquito repellent, sunscreen etc.
  • A change of clothes (shorts & t shirt) especially useful in the wet season to change into at the end of the day
  • A lightweight rain coat or poncho
  • Warm jumper or pullover in the cold season
  • Swimming suit
  • Small towel, sarong, or Longi
  • Insect repellent (preferably bio degradable)
  • Toilet paper
  • One bottle of water
  • Sunglasses if you wear them
  • Personal toiletries
  • Some money in Thai Baht for drinks and hill tribe crafts
  • A few plastic bags (good for keeping your gear dry in the wet season)

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