Zipline – Flight of the Gibbon

Fly like a gibbon, through the treetops with this unique ziplining experience.

Zipline – Flight of the Gibbon

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Flight of the Gibbon

Experience the exhilaration and freedom of gliding like a Gibbon Monkey through the rainforest canopy of a real tropical Jungle set high in the mountains of the Golden Triangle.

The “Flight of the Gibbon” is a zip line ride for the adventurous. It’s located in a 1,500 year old rainforest, nearby the enchanting eco-mountain village of Mae Kampong, just a short bus ride from the city centre of Chiang Mai in Thailand, which incidentally, was rated number 24 of the top 25 holiday destinations in the world by TripAdvisor in 2014.

Having first opened in 2007, “Flight of the Gibbon” has established itself as one of the safest and most enjoyable zip line adventures in Asia. It consists of 5 kilometres of zip line entwined throughout the jungle canopy of a Chiang Mai mountain top rain forest, which has been installed with great care being taken not to have any adverse impact on the local ecosystem. The zip line uses a triple bolted method which was made and designed in Europe. Each line is independent of each other. The entire line and equipment is maintained by a full time team of specialist maintenance staff, who carry out daily inspections of the whole system and monthly equipment inspections.

Participating in this thrilling experience is made easy by the experienced and fully qualified staff guiding and assisting you every step of the way. This adventure tour is considered by many to be an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Breeze thought the rainforest jungle canopy, in total safety, accompanied, with your friends or family in groups of no more than nine persons. Safety is assured by each group being assigned two “Sky Rangers”  whose pleasure it is to make your experience  safe, educational and invigorating in  the way only Thai people know best, with a smiling friendly attitude. The “Sky Rangers” professionalism and confidence provides a relaxed “mai pen rai” (no problem) atmosphere. Their ability to do this comes not only from experience but also from training and constant retraining (every three months) covering the use of the safety equipment, providing Zip line instructions, CPR, first aid and other useful wilderness skills. Your safety is their mission.

Flight of the Gibbon is an adrenalin rush the whole family can experience and enjoy. Participants don’t need to be Olympic athletes, just a normal level of health is all that is needed to participate fully. However, for safety reasons there are a few restrictions, such as, a minimum height of 1 metre for children to ensure the safety harness fits, and the maximum weight of a person is 125kg

The Zipline activities take about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete them all. After having survived these amazing rides, you can relax and enjoy the traditional Thai meal which is provided, and go for a leisurely stroll to the nearby waterfall before returning to your accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Tropical rainforests contain the greatest species diversity of all biomes on Earth, and are thought to be the world’s oldest living ecosystems. You can enjoy the experiences of the day at “Flight of the Gibbon” knowing that we have taken care so as not to damage this ecosystem


Minimum height of 3ft 3inch or 1 meter tall

Weight of a person is 125kg (275lb)







  • Full Safety Equipment
  • City round-trip transfer
  • Full Accident Insurance

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